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Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake
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These "cookies" are more like “mini carrot cakes.” Every bite is moist and FULL of FLAVOR! Wonderful textures of chunky Walnuts, Raisins and Fresh Juicy Carrots. All you need is some cashew cream icing....mmmmm! But these Gourmet Cookies are amazing just as they are. 

Raw walnuts, *carrots, *gluten-free rolled oats, raw almonds, *dried unsulfered coconut, *pure maple syrup, *raisins, vanilla (vegetable glycerin, *vanilla beans), *extra virgin coconut oil,*cinnamon, sea salt 

Nutrition Facts Serv. Size: 1 Cookie (28g), Amount Per Serving: 4 
Calories 103, Total Fat 7g, Sat. Fat 1g, Trans Fat 0g, Cholest. 0mg, Sodium 32mg, Total Carb. 10g, Fiber 2g, Sugars 5g, Protein 3g, Vitamin A (16%DV), Vitamin C (1%DV), Calcium (2%DV), Iron (4%DV)

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