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Health According to the Scriptures

Health According to the Scriptures
Paul Nison - Health According To The Scriptures
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Health According to the Scriptures by Paul Nison

Why do some people get sick while others stay healthy? If diet were the only factor, why do some people who eat a healthful diet still get sick? Why do some people who eat a very unhealthful diet not get sick? This proves that diet is not the only factor.

Are they just blessed? Are they just in the right place at the right time? Our Creator designed our bodies to be perfect and never to get a disease. He made us to be perfect. Anytime you experience discomfort, its because you're not following our Creator's commands.

The answer to feeling well again simply comes down to going back to our Creator's words. What does He say about health? What does He say about diet and food? What does He say about exercise and rest? Do you know what He says? Do you follow what He says?

All the answers can be found in the Scriptures (Holy Bible). During my lectures on the road, our Creator promptly guides my thoughts toward the very scriptural passages that run parallel to and shed light on my ideas. The Scriptures are a great instruction manual on how to live life; though its messages date back thousands of years, still they hold strong and ring true to this day. I wrote this book to help you find these timeless answers. Enjoy!

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths -Proverbs 3:6

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