Planting a Seed for a Raw Food Diet

I recently attended “Health City’s” Health and wellness conference that was held in West Palm Beach, Florida this past weekend. I was very impressed by the quality of speakers and raw-food prep classes that were offered. 

Paul Nison - Raw Food Evangelist

The first speaker was Paul Nison, (,, a former raw chef turned “raw food evangelist”.  I have had the honor to know Paul and his wife Andrea and their 18-month-old daughter, Noa, through their work at Hippocrates Health Institute. Paul and I shared similar stories of battling Crohn's disease and through proper lifestyle and diet changes we have both overcome its effects.  The Nison’s continue to travel the world on speaking engagements supporting Paul’s 7 books documenting his raw food lifestyle and spiritual journey. 

By looking at Paul you would think he was the second coming of Moses with his long beard and gentle demeanor, but under the exterior lies a person who fiercely believes his mission is to plant the seeds of better health through knowledge in each person he meets.  “We as a species are killing ourselves with the SAD Diet, (Standard American Diet).”  Pointing out the largest and strongest animals on earth survive on a  vegan diet. “Think about what we do to our bodies on a daily basis?” We wake up and put chemicals on our face (Shaving Cream), we take a razor and shave off a top layer of skin allowing these chemicals to enter our bloodstream faster, we jump in the shower and put perfumes (Chemicals) all over our largest organ (Skin). Then we get dressed in our chemical-laden materials (polyester) we call clothes, and then drive to get breakfast in a box”….  

Listening to Paul is like attending “Last comic standing,” as he uses humor to make his points, but those points if not heeded may have dire consequences. “If I can affect one person to change, they can affect many others and the TRUTH will prevail exponentially.”  Paul’s books begin with interviews of some of the pioneers of the modern raw food movement.  People like Viktoras Kulvinskas M. S. author and co-founder, of the world-famous Hippocrates Health Institute,  and Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement, Ph.D., LN, Authors and Directors of Hippocrates Health Institute. 

Viktoras Kulvinskas

Viktoras Kulvinskas affectionately called the Grandfather of the modern day Raw food Movement was one of the keynote speakers over the weekend and filled the room with stories of his vast experiences and scientific studies. 40 years ago he wrote what some call the Manual of the Raw Food lifestyle “ Living in the 21st century”  Viktoras chronicled the coming advancements of technology and how the body disconnected from God’s Creation, Earth will suffer without proper nourishment.  “We have to get back to nourishing the Earth and our bodies. Proper use of Green Living foods like sprouts, wheatgrass and green Algae will not only boost our immune systems, it will help protect us from the electrical pollution we are all receiving from computers, cell phones, satellites etc…”  

Dr. T Colin Campbell

Dr. T Colin Campbell Ph.D. professor at Cornell University and author of the bestselling research study “THE CHINA STUDY” backed up Viktoras’ remarks with decades of studies and scientific research done on the vast population of China.  His research and later his book have opened the eyes of millions of people to the dangers of consuming dairy products and the standard American diet. “We are creating an epidemic in this country all major illnesses are on the rise Cancer, Heart disease, Digestive disorders, Autism to name just a few: yet our doctors have little to no proper education on Nutrition.” Dr. Campbell concluded his speech promoting the value of green living foods.  “I am proud to say that my family and grandchildren are being brought up on a raw living food diet.” 

Dr. Brian Clement

Next was Dr. Brian Clement, Director of the world-renowned alternative health and teaching institute, HIPPOCRATES HEALTH INSTITUTE.  Dr. Clement doesn’t like to mince words or take prisoners as he started his speech shouting “WAKE UP PEOPLE!” citing scientific data showing what we are doing to our bodies and this planet by eating meat and dairy based diet.  “We as a society have gotten so far off track by processing our foods and growing genetically modified plants covered in pesticides that the body cannot digest properly, shooting our cattle full of hormones and steroids, and then consuming the meat and dairy products from them. We are like the frog in the heated pot of water…and it’s now boiling!”  

Then Dr. Clement grounded his points, in reality, introducing us to a brain cancer survivor who attended Hippocrates and is now cured through her own actions.  “We at Hippocrates do not cure anyone!” Dr. Clement explained. By taking responsibility for your own life and health and aiding you with Truth, care and knowledge. You can save your life!  (

Hippocrates Health Institute

I have personally seen the miraculous work being done at Hippocrates Health Institute as my wife has worked there for the past 8 years as a program consultant, a 13-year cancer survivor herself.  I recommend anyone wanting to learn about the Hippocrates LIFE CHANGE program to attend one of their Saturday Graduations.  There you will listen to people who have gone through the program. You will witness firsthand the power of perseverance and taking responsibility for your own health and life.  I have attended a few of these graduations and there are many tears shed as people tell their stories and how they have overcome their health challenges. All have blossomed from these seeds of truth. 

By Sean Herbert Got Sprouts?
1880 W 10th St
Riviera Beach, FL 33404 


Carrot and Sweet Potato Salad: From Paul Nison’s book “THE RAW LIFE
Shredded Carrots and Sweet Potato
Raisins (Soaked 5 min in water
Pine nuts
(Use as much as you’d like and mix in a bowl to serve)
Hippocrates Healing Green Drink
(Makes 2 cups of Juice or 16oz)
2 cups Sunflower Sprouts
2 cups Pea sprouts
1-1.5 Organic Cucumbers
2-3 Stalks of Celery
Juice and place in a pitcher in the refrigerator and drink throughout the day.