Radio Interview Transcript 3/21/13 with Sean Herbert of Got Sprouts

Tell us about Got Sprouts and how you got started.

Well, my journey began back In 2004 when I was diagnosed with severe Crohn's disease and had to undergo a resection surgery where they removed part of my colon that was infected.  I quickly noticed after the surgery that I was just not bouncing back and just kept losing energy.  Luckily my wife knew about the healing benefits of juicing wheatgrass and eating sprouts.  Within a short time of introducing sprouts into my diet, I started to regain my energy and my health.  When I felt good enough,  I called my good friend Sharon here who took a sprout growing class with me and I started growing Sprouts on my back patio. Later on, through word of mouth,  I started getting phone calls from Cancer patients looking for fresh sprouts to aid in their recovery.  So I opened GOT SPROUTS?  Our store and Nursery are located at 1880 West 10th street in Riviera beach. Located just north of 45th street off of Congress. 

What kind of products do you offer and their health benefits?

 We began by growing the superfoods Wheatgrass, Sunflower, Pea greens, Buckwheat, and Bean Mixes and we have since added Microgreens of Arugula and Broccoli. We also currently offer 22 varieties of Organically certified non-GMO Seeds, Juicers, Growing supplies, Supplements, reference books, DVDs and we offer sprouting & juicing classes. All of our sprouts are USDA organically certified and we currently supply local green markets, Organic Markets, Juicebars, restaurants, stores, and the general public. We also ship throughout the continental U.S. 

What are the more popular sprouts?

Wheatgrass is probably the most popular as it is a natural detoxifier that oxygenates the blood allowing the immune system to heal and recover faster.  If you want to talk about Fast Food, think of juicing just 2 ounces of Wheatgrass a day is equal to eating 5 pounds of vegetables in one sitting. 

How’s that for nutrition on the go?

Sunflower is also very popular as it has a great peppery taste and texture.  Sunflower sprouts are a complete food providing more protein than steak for those body builders out there!

Broccoli Sprouts have been found to contain sulfurophanes that prevent tumor growth and bacteria that cause ulcers and stomach cancer. Broccoli sprouts are currently being studied not only as a cancer deterrent but as a possible cure as well.
And of course the Popular Pea Greens…The perfect food.

Can you elaborate on the health benefits of Pea greens?

This is why they call it the perfect food: Pea greens are very low in fat so they are great for weight loss.
  •          They contain 7 times more vitamin C than Blueberries
  •          They contain 4 times more vitamin A than Tomatoes.
  •          And 8 times more folic acid than bean sprouts.
Pea Sprouts are high in beta-carotene - improving vision and protecting the immune system. 
They help regulate blood sugar and are being researched as a cure for type 2 diabetes.
 They have also been attributed to reducing plaque buildup on arterial walls reducing cardiovascular disease.
 Again, loaded with protein, oxygenating chlorophyll, and fiber to aid in digestion. 

Pea Greens are the perfect food.

How can someone order your products?

Just call us at 561-689-9464, come by the store located at 1880 West 10th St just north of 45th St on Congress. Or go to our website at We deliver as far south as Ft Lauderdale and as far north as Port St  Lucie. And we ship throughout the continental United States.

I understand you do house calls

Well, I used to do in home sprout and juicing classes, mostly for very sick people that needed to speed up their recovery.  They call me the local “Juicetritionist”.
We pretty much have most people come to the store now as we have gotten so busy. But occasionally I still do the home class. I have been there and I know how hard it is to take that first step. We can help you get started Sprouting and Juicing for health!