The Wonderful World of Wheatgrass!

We at “Got Sprouts?” pride ourselves on growing high quality, delicious Wheatgrass to support your vibrant health and well being!  
Wheatgrass juice is credited as being one of the richest sources of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and chlorophyll.  Affectionately called “liquid sunshine”, Wheatgrass juice provides the most intense and pure form of supplemental nutrition you can find, due to the fact that it is literally still growing when you consume it. 

By consuming 2oz of wheatgrass juice each morning you are providing your body with a whole-food synergistic value of elements that will work with your circulatory system to provide vital energy to every cell. This living energy then helps to prevent illness and will reverse those weaknesses that have taken hold in our tired and nutritionally depleted bodies.  Healthy, oxygenated, and happy cells will ward off all sorts of troublesome health issues and boost your immune system to work as God intended.  

Why should wheatgrass juice be a part of your health regiment?

* A rich source of vitamins A, B, C, D, and K.

* High-quality, organic, plant-based calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and potassium in a naturally balanced ratio.

* Organic iron and oxygen to the blood to improve circulation.

* A whopping 92 of 102 trace minerals recognized as available to plants from naturally rich organic soil for a maximum nutritional profile.

* Rhe purest source of living sun-filled chlorophyll (the blood of the plant). Chlorophyll has a chemical molecular structure similar to our own red blood cells, which enhances the blood ability to carry oxygen to every cell in the body!

For information on how to implement wheatgrass into your healthy lifestyle, contact Sean or Jody Herbert at “Got Sprouts?”  [email protected]  or call 561-689-9464. Got Sprouts? is located at 1880 West 10th St, Riviera Beach, Florida 33404.