Easy Sprouter Set
Easy Sprouter Set

Easy Sprouter Set

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Part Number: Easy Sprouter Set
Easy Sprouter Set
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Easy Sprout

The Easy Sprout is the best home sprouter for sprouting small seeds. This seed sprouter set offers great drainage and the best air-circulation of any sprouting kit, which is important for healthy seeds that won't rot or mold. This set is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. Best for growing bean sprouts, leafy sprouts, and certain micro-greens. 

Bottom: 3 1/4"
Top: 4 1/2"
Height: 7" 

Easy Sprout Contains:
- 1 Quart (liter) Growing Vessel
- Solid Container/Base to Catches Excess Rinse Water
- Small Seed Insert for Small Seeds (snaps in)
- 3 Growing Lids - 1 domed lid - 1 flat vented travel lid - 1 flat storage lid

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