Organic Buckwheat Seeds (Hulled)

Organic Buckwheat Seeds (Hulled)

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Organic Buckwheat Groats - Hulled 1 Pound

Cook up some new favorite recipes with hulled buckwheat groats. These are versatile enough for plenty of recipes. Toss them into salads or grind up the groats for flour for bread, pancakes, and waffles. Mix up some buckwheat granola with fruit. Simmer stews and more.

Buckwheat cleans and strengthens the intestines and improves the appetite. It's low in calories, high in dietary fiber, free of cholesterol and sodium. It's also very low in saturated fat. Hulled buckwheat is an excellent source of manganese, copper, magnesium, dietary fiber, and phosphorus. There are two flavonoids with significant health-promoting actions, rutin and quercetin, that strengthen the capillaries and blood vessels to inhibit hemorrhages, reduces blood pressure and increases circulation to the hands and feet. The protein in buckwheat contains all eight essential amino acids, including lysine.

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