“Sprouts…The original Sol food!”
by Sean Herbert

Why should I eat Sprouts?

It has been my continued pleasure to answer people’s questions on Sprouts and Sprouting, and invariably this question is usually the first to pop up. I could recite the health benefits, mineral and vitamin contents, but I usually like to start with a simple question: “Do you know where pharmaceutical companies get most of their ideas for new drugs from? PLANTS!

You can’t patent a Sprout, so why not take some of the good attributes and make a synthetic copy and generate billions of dollars? Makes sense right? So why do we silly creatures try to perfect what is already perfect? We are environed organisms and everything our body needs is naturally occurring (or growing) around us. Why not receive perfect nutrition instead of taking a pill or supplement containing one or two parts of the whole?

So what makes Sprouts so Great? 

It’s not the vitamins, the nutrients or the fact that it’s easily absorbed and digested by the body. (All of which are reason alone to include Sprouts in your daily diet.) What is most important is the ENERGY, the LIFE FORCE, the MIRACLE that the SUN, EARTH, and WATER infuse and transform a dormant seed into a vibrant Sprout!

Imagine a dormant seed placed in the fertile organic soil of the rainforest. First, the growing process is activated by the rainfall and nourished by the soil. Once exposed to the SUN, the life force explodes into liquid energy called chlorophyll using the process called photosynthesis or SUN INFUSED!

Photosynthesis harnesses the power of the sun.

Photosynthesis, from the Greek (photo) “light” and (synthesis) “putting together,” is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert the light energy captured from the sun into chemical energy that can be used to fuel the organism’s activities. Photosynthesis is vital for all aerobic life on Earth. In addition to maintaining normal levels of oxygen in the atmosphere, photosynthesis is the source of energy for nearly all life on earth, either directly, through primary production, or indirectly, as the ultimate source of energy in their food.

Have you ever heard a scientist say, “If we could harness a percentage of the sun’s energy, we could fuel the world forever?” The average rate of energy captured by photosynthesis globally is immense, approximately 130 terawatts, which is about six times larger than the power consumption of human civilization. Think of a Sprout as a battery infused by the sun’s energy—a literal alkaline battery to fuel the human body with liquid sunshine!

Energy in Sprouts and Children

Compare a Sprout to a young child… You can virtually see the energy bursting from each. A Sprout contains SIX times the energy of a dormant seed, and personally, I think children possess even more! What do all the parents say about their children? “I wish I had their energy.” Maybe you just need the right fuel. The next time you go shopping, purchase some Sunflower, Pea, Buckwheat, Broccoli or Bean Sprouts, and enjoy the energy of the Sun. “Sprouts…the original Sol food!”

Sean Herbert is the Master Grower for Got Sprouts.

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