Tell us about Got Sprouts?  

Well we are both literally and figuratively a growing business! Our store and Nursery are located at 1880 West 10th St in Riviera Beach, Florida. Just off Congress North of 45th and south of Blue Heron. We started off as a nursery growing fresh organic wheatgrass, sunflower, pea sprouts and bean mix.  We are quickly evolving into carrying holistic/organic products like: Supplements, juicers, seeds and growing supplies, books and DVDs etc…

How did you get started? 

My wife is a thirteen year Cancer survivor who stumbled across a world-renowned alternative health and teaching facility in WPB called  Hippocrates Health Institute.  She works at Hippocrates as a program consultant and what she quickly noticed was that when people graduated from Hippocrates 3 week Life Change program they would return home with no way to receive fresh organically grown sprouts.  I, at the time, was growing for my personal use and she recommended that I start growing for these people.

So we started out as a compliment to the Hippocrates Health Institute and have quickly gone mainstream, servicing juice bars , nutrition stores and restaurants, and we deliver to approximately 300 people locally and ship nationwide.  WE ARE A GROWING BUSINESS!

What kind of Products do you offer? 

Our main harvests are of fresh organically grown wheatgrass, sunflower, pea greens, buckwheat and sprouted bean mix. We grow approximately 1000 trays and we are now expanding to triple that amount. We carry a number of seeds and growing supplies: Seeds, juicers, books, DVDs, trays, racks, sprouting and juicing supplies.

What are some of the benefits of Wheatgrass and Sprouts?

Health benefits of wheatgrass and sprouts: Wheatgrass, pea and sunflower they call the Superfoods.  Wheatgrass is loaded with oxygen, enzymes and chlorophyll.  It gets into your blood quickly and oxygenates and purifies the blood.  This helps to boost the immune system allowing the body to heal itself!  It is a great oral cleanser, the pulp from wheatgrass has been used to heal wounds, and is popping up in natural cosmetics for its oxygenating effects! Weight loss, by regulating blood sugars and longevity because if its high enzyme rich and oxygen richness it helps rejuvenate the body.  Wheatgrass should be juiced only as we do not digest grass.

Sunflower Sprouts

Sunflower:  Is quickly becoming the most popular sprout as everyone loves the light peppery taste! It is loaded with protein and chlorophyll.  Sunflower is used by many of my restaurant customers as a great salad mix, wrap sandwiches, green juices etc…

Pea Greens

Pea greens are called the perfect food. Complete protein serves to build muscle tissue.  If you were stranded on a dessert isle and all you had was pea sprouts, you would continue to be very healthy! Bean sprouts aid in digestion and are loaded with protein.  A good analogy is that the largest, strongest animals that live on earth are plant based consumers.  Protein from these sprouts build strong skeletal and muscle tissue. While the liquid sunlight from chlorophyll oxygenates the blood cells.

How can people order your product?

They can contact Got Sprouts? By phone 561-689-9464, or e mail us at [email protected] Check our website out at our new website should be up soon. And you can drop by our store at 6758 N Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Fl 33407