Welcome to Got Sprouts? Purveyors of quality certified organic wheat seeds and Wheatgrass, Sprouts, Juicers, Seed and growing supplies.

Want to know how to grow wheatgrass? Our goal is to provide our customers with organic seeds such as hard red winter wheat and buckwheat seed to get the most vibrant, nutritionally-sound sprouts available.

Got Sprouts - Organic wheat seeds and red hard winter wheat supplier

Our Wheatgrass has consistently been voted the best tasting Wheatgrass! We like to call it Sweetgrass.
The Sunflower, Pea, Buckwheat and sprout mixes continue to be sought after by our customers, private chefs, juice bars, restaurants and stores.


These organic seeds are the most viable organic-grade seeds available. Our specially formulated organic soil will ensure vibrant, healthy sprouts.
Our goal at Got Sprouts is to provide you with the highest quality sprouts, supplies and services to support your sprout life!
Got Sprouts? Our business IS growing!

We are certified organic by Quality Certified Services and the United States Department of Agriculture.
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